The Republic of Venice - our inspiration

In year 1601 the Venetian Senate established the “Corporazione degli Aquaviteri” (e.g. the Distiller’s Corporation) and set the standards for distillation.

We at Casa Bonollo have strived to safeguard those standards for centuries while keeping up with our core values: tradition, refinement, ambition, innovation.


Distillerie Bonollo Umberto

The origins and evolution of our company are closely tied to the history of the Bonollo family which began experimenting the century-old art of grappa making back in the nineteenth century.

After more than 150 years, the company is still successfully run by the family (4th generation) and it operates in both the national and international markets. The distillery as well as the bottling facilities are located in the province of Padua (Veneto).