Based on Bonollo’s century-old tradition

Amaro Of Bonollo is an extraordinary sensory experience created by the Bonollo family through their enviable herbal medicine knowledge combined with their centennial grappamaking traditions.


The refinement in casks

Amaro of Bonollo matures in French oak barriques previously used for grappa aging. This allows the fresh herbal notes and the warm, spicier flavors released from the grappa, to blend in a rollercoaster of aromas and taste: from chocolate orange peel, cola, and caramel pudding to tangy, fruity, sweet fragrances, exotic peppercorn and a cedar and slate finish.

A unique delicious result

Amaro Of Bonollo’s sensory profile is one of a kind: its unique spectrum of aromas is the result of a secret family recipe that combines an accurately selected mix of herbs, roots, essential oils and orange zest.

The result is a delicious, well-poised bitter liqueur with great length and subtle bitterness that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the perfect cocktail ingredient.