Made from 100% Amarone grapes marc

Grappa Of Amarone Barrique is exclusively made from the same grapes used to produce the most refined and sought after wine: the famous and delicious Amarone della Valpolicella. Its Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes are gathered and left to dry for 4 months before pressing. The precious grape skins (a.k.a. grapes marc) contain most of the grape aromas and are used to produce our exclusive grappa Of Amarone Barrique.

Our proprietary distillation process - The S.U.B.

Sistema Unico Bonollo is the matchless combination of more than 170 years of craftsmanship experience with the latest technology. It runs in four stages.

1. the fresh grape skins are collected in vacuum vats to complete their natural fermentation.

2. a first distillation in continuous stills extracts all the aromas without altering the complexity of their structure.

3. through a second distillation in discontinuous copper stills our master distillers separate the «heart», richest in flavours and aromas, from the unsavoury “tails” and “heads”.

4. the “heart” is refined through hand-made copper catalysts into specially designed vapour columns.

The ageing

The exquisite grappa is left to rest in small French oak casks for 18 months to develop a harmonious blend of fruity and spice tones. Thanks to the ageing, the grappa acquires a velvety smoothness and enhances its liveliness, frankness and exceptional aromatic richness.